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Teksan Participate in 10th Nanotechnology Exhibition

The 10th Nanotechnology Exhibition was held in October 2013 with the participation of Iranian and foreign students, researchers and artisans, as well as visiting officials and ambassadors from different countries.
With over 100 nanotechnology companies active in the field of nanotechnology, the fair hosted the best Nano Companies, Workshops and Meetings, with 43% of the companies presenting new products or exhibiting for the first time. In addition to the presence of international companies, eight important universities had nanoscience infrastructure and 14 laboratories providing technology services were present . In this course, 25 innovative projects were placed on the path to commercialization.
In this exhibition, according to the policies set out in Document of the Perspective nanotechnology, the priority of the Nanotechnology management was in various domains such as health, water, construction, environment, nanomaterial and infrastructure, among which companies in the field of textile, pharmaceutical products, Laboratory equipment, nanofilters and hundreds of other products.

Teksan Services in 10th Nanotechnology Exhibition

نمایشگاه نانو
Takfamsazane teife noor (Teksan) co. a member of the industrial design and manufacturing of various types of spectroscopy instruments, including absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy, has started to work at Shahid Beheshti University since 1392.
The company has been selling the products to the universities and research centers such as Tehran University, Isfahan University of Technology, Alzahra University, Tabriz Art University, Cultural Center of Iran, Shahid Beheshti University (Gemology Laboratory) and so on.
Taksan Company provided Raman spectroscopy services at the tenth nanotechnology exhibition to communicate with the visitors more. The company also held a training workshop focused on novel Raman spectroscopy techniques in the nano field.

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